Free Fiction Friday – April 3, 2015


Welcome to Free Fiction Friday. Each week we will provide you will free stories from many different authors. Check in with us each week as not all authors will post each week and new authors will be joining us as we grow.

Here is a list of all the authors posting free fiction this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page. Remember to follow the site to be notified when we post the latest updates.



Birth Day; by Tucker McCallahan:

I followed Hank, one of two nurses living in the hospital since the Rising, up the stairs to the Fourth Floor Visitors’ Area. Hank had used several of the older microscope lenses from Pathology to build a pair of binoculars, which he retrieved and handed to me once we reached the large window that overlooked the grounds. I gazed through the heavy binoculars, adjusted them, and shrugged.

“What am I looking at, Hank? I don’t see anything but a bunch of dark.”

“Not down there.” Hank took hold of the ungainly homemade binoculars and tilted them up. “Wait for it… There!”

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The Taming; by M.C. Rayne:

“Tom, sweetie.” She doesn’t need to say more. Her gentle touch gliding down my cheek tells me she forgives me and that she could never hate me.

A question I always wanted to ask leaves my throat, echoing through the empty park.

“Mummy, did he…did he hurt you, when he…” My lip trembles as she puts her fingers to my mouth to gently silence me, shaking her head.

“The only thing that hurt, was leaving my baby boy!” Silver tears fall from her bright blue eyes, making her face appear angelic.

“Please don’t cry, Mum,” I beg.

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Burchester Tales: Part 7 – Professor Watkins; by H. Lewis-Foster:

Professor Mike Watkins sat in his study, staring at a volume on Anglo-Saxon burial rites, and wondering why he’d been such a miserable sod to Gus MacAvenny yesterday. The truth was, he was always mean to Gus, snapping at him in tutorials and marking his essays more harshly than those of his fellow students. Mike tried to justify his severity by telling himself Gus needed more pushing than most, if he was to achieve his academic potential. The reality behind his treatment of Gus, however, was far less altruistic.

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Aisle of Life; by Tray Ellis:

Oscar stared at the aisle of cards. Spots of color greeted his eyes as his attention roamed left and down, then right and up. Stacks of cards stretched high and wide, offering words and pictures for every occasion.

Birthdays. Weddings. Baby shower. Get well. Good luck. Retirement. Sympathy.

All of life condensed down to a single aisle of greeting cards.  There was no need to go anything farther, because the timeline was all right here, doled out in small paperboard increments with pastel envelopes. Oscar shifted his weight and finally caught sight of the category for which he’d been searching.


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Magic Unleashed: Chapter 1 – Absent Choice; by Alina Popescu:

I was sixteen when I first started to feel the need. It was late for a familiar, they said, but I was happy it had been kept at bay for so long. My family had immediately pushed for me to attend the year’s Choosing, but I refused. I was going to wait until I was eighteen and to find my spell caster. Binding my life to someone else’s frightened me. Familiars, we couldn’t survive without the bond though, so I would be forced to make my choice, find my one magical twin soul and dedicate my life to helping them.

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The Time Traveler’s Husband – Part 3; by Lily G. Blunt:

September 17th 1928 and November 9th 2021 (Edward is 17 and Jasper is 40)

Edward: Being a vampire, I haven’t slept for over ten years, but here I am now—in an almost trance-like state—as I focus on the list of dates Jasper had previously dictated to me. To be precise, I am staring at the question mark that follows today’s date. Jasper could not give me any more information on this because, for him, the event has not taken place yet. I wonder why I would add a question mark to my list of times of when I see Jasper.

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Different Tracks – Epilogue; by Grace R. Duncan:

Xander climbed out of the car and took a look around. The new site was a bit more out of the way than the last one, but he liked it. It had more shade than the other one did, and a lot more space to move around.

He grabbed his water bottle and his tool belt, then shut the door. Once he got the belt in place, he started across the site, his vision fixed to one person in particular, standing outside the site trailer. Tall, blond, and the hottest man in that part of the state—well, Xander would probably say in the country, but he’d get an argument over that. One he’d end up winning after a few well-placed kisses and a drop to his knees.

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