Free Fiction Friday – February 13, 2015


Welcome to Free Fiction Friday. Each week we will provide you will free stories from many different authors. Check in with us each week as not all authors will post each week and new authors will be joining us as we grow.

Here is a list of all the authors posting free fiction this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page. Remember to follow the site to be notified when we post the latest updates.




Objects in the Rear View Mirror: by kirifox

Chapter 4 – The Discussion


I was surprised and upset to see him. After months of neglect, now he finally decided to show up? As I stared at him, my anger began to rise. How dare he stand there looking miserable! His life was perfect. He had a mother and father at home. His family never hit him, never screamed at him, he walked around school like he owned the place. I was so angry I was seeing red.

“Conner? Conner, I…”

“NO! You don’t get to ignore me at school and then come to my house, to my room, like we’re still friends!

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If You Love Something – Chapter 12: Why is this so complicated?: by Lily Velden

I’d like to say it was a strenuous battle, that I fought hard, but in truth, it was not.

Temptation won.

Temptation won easily.

I knew it was wrong.

I knew I was making him engage in something I hadn’t given him a choice in; that he was an unknowing participant.

But once, just once, I wanted to feel his hand on my cock…

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The Forest Lord #14; by Tucker McCallahan:

The first shadow unicorns were the product of an unholy union between a unicorn and the infernal nightmare who corrupted him.

According to the legends, a nightmare who had grown weary of her entrapment in hell sought out the perfect creature to despoil. She found a proud unicorn who had as his requirement for retaining purity the task of guarding a small wood. Since she wasn’t able to leave her hellish imprisonment, the nightmare visited the unicorn in his dreams, masquerading as a black unicorn. She flattered the unicorn, appealing to his sense of vanity and his tremendous ego. When he was smitten by the beautiful ebony-haired unicorn, she told him of a vast, unclaimed forest, desperately in need of a guardian.

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The Tragedy of Dinner; by Tray Ellis:

Phillip stared down at the slimy mess on the floor with a sense of utter despair, and a flare of rage starting to burn at his own clumsy nature. Tomato sauce splattered out wide and the delicately made gnocchi lumped about in the swirl of juices.  Just a moment ago, he’d been brandishing the platter so prominently, so proudly, and now it was nothing but a giant mess of mush on the floor.

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Growth, Part 16 – Learning Curve, Part 9; by Grace R. Duncan:

After Adel nodded, Nadir stood—Adel noted his cock seemed even harder, leaking even more—and they crossed over to Bathasar’s big bed. After showing him the hooks, he helped Bathasar anchor Nadir to the posts with by the cuffs. Bathasar wrapped two more around Nadir’s ankles and attached those to the legs of the bed by chains, then stood back.

“Nadir has agreed to take the crop a few times so you can get a feel for it.”

“I don’t need—” Adel started but Bathasar held a hand up.

“It’s quite all right. He can take quite a bit. Really. It’s important you get a feel for them and know what they can do.”

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Hiding – Part 3; by Hope Ryan:

Matthew followed Zeke to the end of the table that was for their class and noticed that he kept several seats between him and the rest of the group. Matt didn’t much mind, he’d found a friend in school and that’s all that mattered. He’d only ever had one friend before, so this was nothing new to him.

Matthew had a rather rough way of dealing with people, which he’d learned from his now-late father. Amos Heeley solved things with his fists – whether that was the cable repair guy who didn’t have the cable box his dad wanted or if it was Mona Heeley who didn’t cook dinner the way he’d wanted it. Amos didn’t care who it was that’d wronged him, his solution was violence.

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Always Chapter 12 – Part 4; by Lily G. Blunt:

The following morning, after taking a shower and eating fruit and pancakes for breakfast, I suggested to Edward that I show him the local area. We drove around for twenty minutes or so with me pointing out the key features of my hometown. We had a couple of hours before we needed to get back in time for lunch, so I decided to take him to a local wooded area where I used to go for walks with my parents as a child.

The Firs was a plantation of mostly pine trees with a sawmill at its center and a fast flowing stream to its northern boundary. A roadway led to the mill with lots of paths leading off and going into the surrounding woodland. I took Edward along the main route at first, before taking a detour into the older part of the wood.

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The Taming; by M.C. Rayne:

He remained crouched on the floor of his room near his bed, not moving from the spot the dancer had left him. Momentarily frozen since the door slammed shut he sat there staring at his now empty room, the dancers juices still slowly making its way down his face falling to his naked chest.


Shame was what filled his thoughts now as he sat there unable to will his body to move, but the shame was not for himself. He knew now that his past few actions had now distilled within him the fact that he, Austin Mann, was gay and he didn’t want to live his lie anymore.


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