Free Fiction Friday – June 10, 2016


Welcome to Free Fiction Friday. Each week we will provide you will free stories from many different authors. Check in with us each week as not all authors will post each week and new authors will be joining us as we grow.

Here is a list of all the authors posting free fiction this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page. Remember to follow the site to be notified when we post the latest updates.




Chips, Dip, and a Bottle of Wine; by Tray Ellis:


“What should we bring for the cook-out?” Billy asked.

“Cook-out?” Hank stopped reading the newspaper on his tablet and looked up. “What cook-out?”

“You know. The one for Desiree and Harmony. Their five year anniversary, or something. Or four year? Doesn’t Harmony only like even numbers? I remember her saying something about detesting anything ending in a 5 or a zero. She nearly bit my head off last year when I asked her if she enjoyed the town’s bicentennial parade.” Billy leaned on the kitchen counter and moved the salt and pepper shakers from the left side to the right side.


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Jealousy, Part 8; by Grace R. Duncan:


They’d been worked hard in the dojo the following morning and both boys had been rather grateful for it. When they woke, things had been awkward for a few moments. They didn’t say much, just got up and got ready to go.

Greg had greeted them as he always had with his exuberance, thumbs up and huge smile then proceeded to put them through their paces. The physical exertion had helped them clear their heads and by the time they left and were on the bus on the way home, the tension from the night before had begun to fade.

“Hayden’s coming over this afternoon….”


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