Free Fiction Friday – May 22, 2015


Welcome to Free Fiction Friday. Each week we will provide you will free stories from many different authors. Check in with us each week as not all authors will post each week and new authors will be joining us as we grow.

Here is a list of all the authors posting free fiction this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page. Remember to follow the site to be notified when we post the latest updates.




Burchester Tales: Part 15 – Double Date; by H. Lewis-Foster:

Lee gazed through the window of Stan’s café, as people hurried past in the autumn drizzle. “Are you sure he said 6 o’clock?”

“That’s what Davy said.” Gus lightly stroked Lee’s thigh as he spoke. “We’re going to have a bite to eat here, then head into town if things go well.”

Lee wondered what the chances were of two exes and their new partners getting on like the proverbial burning building the first time they all met. In spite of Davy’s beauty and wealth, Lee liked him a great deal, but he hadn’t a clue what Sol was like.

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Beautiful boy – Dark Fantasy, Part 6; by Grace R. Duncan:

A moment later, the thrusting slowed, they pulled me back, and I felt tugs at my cage. The plug eased loose from my dick and precum flowed copiously.

I was in trouble. There was no way I’d manage to hold back my orgasm at this point, when they released me from the cage. I was going to come without permission and I was quickly on the edge of panic.

Master must have seen it, because he murmured into my ear. “Shhh. It’s all right. When you’re ready, boy. I’m not letting you out of the cage. But if you can come still locked up in it, then do so.”

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Love Bite – Chapter 3, Part 6; by Rachel Ravenheart:

Tyler’s POV

I couldn’t believe they weren’t actually really brother and sister. ‘How would this work?’ I thought to myself as I looked from one to the other. I know if I was in their shoes it would make me jealous as all get out to have to share my mate with anyone.

“Thank you.” I slipped the ring on the ring finger of my left hand and it fit perfectly, as if it was made just for me.

“No, thank you for not rejecting us.” She turned to Damon and said, “I think we need to mark him so he would be safer should they attack. They are getting more and more persistent; I don’t want to risk his life.”

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Birth Day #5 ; by Tucker McCallahan:

Flashes of memory from my encounter in the woods played on the inside of my eyelids as fire raged through my blood vessels and surrounded my organs. Sweat poured off me in thin rivulets. I hadn’t been able to suspend a lifetime of disbelief just because a dragon showed up and hauled me out for a rap session, which meant my conversion-my awakening-had come at a price.

I burned.

As I hung somewhere between human and dragon, created and Altered, my brain struggled to decipher what was happening to my body. Lists of symptoms formed in my head only to be discarded and dismissed when new agonies assaulted me minutes later.

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