Free Fiction Friday – May 27, 2016


Welcome to Free Fiction Friday. Each week we will provide you will free stories from many different authors. Check in with us each week as not all authors will post each week and new authors will be joining us as we grow.

Here is a list of all the authors posting free fiction this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page. Remember to follow the site to be notified when we post the latest updates.



Winter By the Ocean, Part II; by Tray Ellis:


After Saph left, Dylan tried to return to his reading. He brought his cup of tea upstairs to the enclosed glass porch and settled down. His book was there from earlier, waiting to be picked up again.

Dylan had an electronic reader and he used it frequently when at home, but something about the feel of a real book in his hands seemed more appropriate for a vacation. The reader stayed off, at least for the time being. He’d loaded it with a few books that he meant to read, but the other books came first.


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Jealousy, Part 6; by Grace R. Duncan:


Ian blinked for a moment at Hayden. He was nervous! And that knowledge steadied Ian a little. “Yes, I would. I’d… take you out, but I don’t have a car.” He chuckled.

“I wouldn’t have one either, but my brother fixes them up. This is technically his, but I badgered him until he let me drive it. Do you drive?”

“Yeah. Just don’t have the car. Kane and I got our licenses the same day.” Ian frowned, realizing he hadn’t been thinking of Kane all that much throughout the night.

“That doesn’t surprise me. I’m a little surprised he let you out of his sight long enough to go on a date.”


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