Sara Testarossa

Sara Testarossa is a voracious reader, who also loves to write. She has been writing stories for all of her adult life, and most of her childhood. She started out writing general fiction, moved on to M/F romance, and currently writes M/M romance almost exclusively, though she plans to branch out into F/F romance in the near future. Her focus at the moment is in fanfiction, but her friends are lovingly encouraging her to pursue original writing, which she intends to do. She also enjoys beta-reading and editing for friends. Sara is fond of many types of music, sci-fi and drama TV shows and movies, spending time with friends, and hanging around the house with her partner and their dog and cat. She has a day job, and plans on balancing that career with her writing career.

Sara can be found several other places on the internet:
Personal Facebook page:
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Archive Of Our Own (Fanfiction):

Click here for Sara’s Free Fiction Friday posts.

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